9 March 2015

Top 22 Google Analytics Interview Question Answers

                                 Top 22 Google Analytics Interview Question Answers

Here I am sharing Top 22 Google Analytics Interview Question Answers for all students who are preparing for Google Analytic exam or want to clear Google Analytic interview all question and answers related to Google Analytics 2015.

Q1: What does the Visit Duration report show you?
Ans: It categorizes visits based on the amount of time they spend on your website.

Q2: If a visitor conducts two transactions on your website during one visit, how many conversions and how many transactions will be tracked by Google Analytics?
Ans: 2 transactions, and 1 conversion.

Q3: If a visitor subscribes to your newsletter, than someone else on the exact same computer also subscribes during the same session, how many conversions will be tracked?
Ans: Google Analytics will count 1 conversion.

Q4: What is a good metric for measuring the quality of traffic to your website?
Ans: Conversion rate.

Q5: If Channel X equally initiates and assists in conversions, what would its Assisted/Last Interaction Conversion value be?
Ans: It would be exactly 1.

Q6: What does the Site Search Report tell you?
Ans: It can help you determine how your visitors are searching your site.

Q7: How can you determine whether people who use your Site Search have a higher conversion value than people who do not?
Ans: Go to the Site Search Usage report and view the Goal Conversion tab.

Q8: What types of goals can Google Analytics track?
Ans: Destination URLs, time on site, pages per visit, and events.

Q9: What is available in Google’s Real Time Reporting?
Ans: You can view pageviews per second, pageviews per minute, and active number of visitors.

Q10: Can Real Time show you whether or not the Google Analytics code snippet is working on a particular page?
Ans: Yes, according to Google.

Q11: You just added new content and would like to see if people are viewing it. Can you use Real Time to determine this?
Ans: Yes.

Q12: What are some ways you can use profiles?
Ans: You can look more closely at traffic to one subdomain, you can look more closely at traffic to one directory or section of a website, and you can limit access to some segments of data.

Q13: You want a profile to include only Google AdWords data. How can you do this?
Ans: Use an Include filter.

Q14: Is profile filter order applied in order, or all at once?
Ans: In order, so be careful how you apply filters on your data.

Q15: True or False: You can apply an Advanced Segment to historical data.
Ans: True.

Q16: True or False: You can compare Advanced Segments side by side in reports.
Ans: True.

Q17: How can you track user engagement on websites that use Flash or AJAX and are located on one HTML page?
Ans: You can use Event Tracking, or track interactions as Pageviews and set goals.

Q18: What is the purpose of a virtual pageview?
Ans: To track activity that visitors may complete that does not result in a natural pageview.

Q19: How can you track Flash Events with Google Analytics code?
Ans: _trackEvent() or trackPageview() will work.

Q20: You have two buttons on your website and would like to track if people click on Button #1 more than Button #2. Can you do this in Google Analytics? If so, how?
Ans: Yes, you can track this. Use Event Tracking.

Q21: What are the three elements of Event Tracking?
Ans: Categories, Actions, and Labels.

Q22: Using regular expressions, how could you filter out the IP address range of through
Ans: ^222\.11\.222\.([1-9]|10)$ (Use the IP address range tool for questions like this one!)


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