9 March 2015

Top 20 Google Analytics Interview Question Answers

                                      Top 20 Google Analytics Interview Question Answers

Here I am sharing Top 20 Google Analytics Interview Question Answers for all students who are preparing for Google Analytic exam or want to clear Google Analytic interview all question and answers related to Google Analytics 2015.

Q1: True or False: You would use Intelligence to set up a custom alert.
Ans: True.

Q2: True or False: You can use Intelligence to alert you if weekly revenue increases or decreases by an unexpected amount.
Ans: True.

Q3: How can you use the Landing Pages Report in assessing website performance?
Ans: You can use it to identify landing pages with high bounce rates, and to determine where visitors are entering your website.

Q4: What is one indication of a poorly performing landing page?
Ans: A high Bounce Rate, perhaps greater than 90%.

Q5: What is Bounce Rate?
Ans: The percentage of visits on a website where the visitors views one page and leaves without any interaction on the website.

Q6: You are getting high bounce rates on a landing page from a particular keyword. Why might this be?
Ans: If the content on the landing page does not meet the expectations of people searching for that keyword, they may immediately leave your website and contribute to a higher bounce rate.

Q7: Which metric can you use to determine if one type of campaign was responsible for initiating conversions?
Ans: The Assisted Conversion Value

Q8: Your visitors have a habit of visiting your site several times before converting. Which metric could help you determine whether or not a particular keyword is part of a conversion path?
Ans: Assisted Conversions

Q9: What are some valid location dimensions?
Ans: Country/Territory, City, and Region are valid dimensions. Address is not a valid dimension, as Google Analytics does not track Personally Identifiable Information.

Q10: True or False: Bounce Rate is a dimension.
Ans: False. It is a metric.

Q11: True or False: %New Visits is a dimension.
Ans: False. New Visitors is a dimension, but %New Visits is a metric.

Q12: True or False: Screen Resolution is a dimension.
Ans: True.

Q13: True or False: Region is a dimension.
Ans: True.

Q14: True or False: Browser is a metric.
Ans: False, it is a dimension.

Q15: True or False: City is a metric.
Ans: False, it is a dimension.

Q16: True or False: Average Time on Site is a metric.
Ans: True.

Q17: True or False: Pageviews is a metric.
Ans: True.

Q18: You want to find out which keywords visitors from Chicago use to find your website. How can you do this?
Ans: In the Map Overlay report, select the Keyword dimension for the city of Chicago.

Q19: How can you determine the conversion rate for people on a certain Operating System and located in a particular city?
Ans: Looking at the Operating System report, choose City as your secondary dimension.

Q20: People are spending more time on your site. How can you tell if they are actually interacting more on the site?
Ans: Look for an increase in Pages per Visit.

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