9 March 2015

Internet-Online Marketing Test Question Answers

Here I am sharing Elance Google Internet-Online Marketing Test Question Answers 2015 for all students who are preparing for Google Internet-Online Marketing exam or want to clear Google Internet-Online Marketing interview all test question and answers related to Google Internet-Online Marketing 2015.

What is Facebook marketing useful for?
Promoting your product or service
Promoting other social media outlets
Promoting your brand
All of these

What is a pop-under window ad?
An ad remains under the title of a web page
An ad that the user does not see until they close out of their current window
An ad that pops under the cursor after a set amount of time
An ad that appears in a lightbox over a page

Which of the following is NOT allowed on LinkedIn advertising?
Floating ads
Javascript tags
In-banner surveys

What is the time limit for videos recorded on Twitter's Vine service?
6 seconds
15 seconds
10 seconds
30 seconds

In traditional marketing, companies focus on finding customers. What is the term for marketing focused on getting *found* by customers?
Lead Marketing
Social Marketing
Inbound Marketing
LeadGen Marketing

What is an interstitial ad?
An ad that stays at the top of a web page
An ad that fills a user's screen when navigating between two pages
An ad that floats on the side of a web page
An ad that follows the users cursor

Which analytics does Twitter Ads specifically provide?
Number of favorites
Follower growth chart

What is the name of Facebook's new search feature?

What is Google's character display limit for the 'title tag' in search results?
10 words
70 characters
15 words
140 characters

Which term refers to content that remains topical and relevant over long stretches of time?

What is the name for the small graphic that appears in a browser's address bar?

What is the term for a blog or blogger's list of links to other blogs they read or support?
Liner Notes

Which email marketing technique is proven to lower SPAM complaints?
Requiring user opt-ins
Sending more than two emails to your list per day
Mailing to a partner list
Purchasing an email list

What does MUV stand for?
Maximum Unique Visits
Marketing Universe Version
Mobile Unique Version
Monthly Unique Visitors

The number of visitors to take action after reading your content is measured by:

What does CPI stand for?
Cost Per Image
Cost Per Impression
Cost Per Introduction

Which best describes affiliate marketing?
Creating a webinar series to build your brand as a thought leader
Utilizing unconventional means like online flash mobs to promote a product
Building internal links on your blog
Performance-based marketing that rewards a partner for clicks or conversions

What do you need to add to an image for a search engine to "see" it"
Alt tags
Breadcrumb links
Beta tags

What is a floating ad?
An ad that is fixed at the bottom of a page
An ad that moves across the screen as the user scrolls
An ad that is fixed on the left-hand side of a website
Ad ad that opens in a separate window

What is the process search engines use to find content and make it available to users via search results?

Testing two different Calls to Action to see which perform better is called:
This or that testing
Apples to Oranges testing
A/B testing
Analytics balancing

What type of marketing is blogging considered to be?
Referral marketing
Content marketing
Affiliate marketing
Email marketing

Where can keywords be placed for search engine optimization?
Meta Text
Page URL
Page Title
All of these

What is a back/inbound link?
The link to your offer in a call to action
The link in your PPC ad
When another website links to a page on your website
The links used for navigation around your website

Which of these is a characteristic of drip marketing?
All of these
Emails are pre-written
Emails are set to be sent on a schedule
Communications are based on user actions

Which of these describe geo-targeted marketing?
Deploying ads targeting fans of a best-selling book
Marketing ads that only appear to users in a specific region.
Deploying ads targeting individuals interested in taking a vacation
Marketing ads that reach all over the world

Often referred to simply as Blogger, which of the following is Google's blogging platform?

True or False? Setting up a Mobile Redirect and using Mobile CSS are effective ways at optimizing your site for mobile viewers.

Which of these is NOT a marketing call to action?
Click to learn more
Join today
Tweet @ us
Love what you do

CTA stands for...
Call To Action
Core Theme Authority
Current Thematic Approach
Calculated Test Administration

What is a CMS?
Content Mailing System
Content Mailing Supplier
Core Marketing Source
Content Management System

Among following which option is more likely to drive genuine traffic to your website?
Optimizing PPC Campaigns on Google adwords
Bulk emailing to every possible email address you have in your contact book
FFA Websites
Sharing too many website links on facebook and twitter

What is SEM?
Search Engine Mailing
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Management
Simple Email Marketing

What is the first step for online marketing?
Identify goals and objectives
Start blogging
Test keywords with Google AdWords
Focus on SEO

What is niche marketing?
Marketing to a random sample of your audience and measuring the results for testing purposes
Marketing to a target group of users who share common characteristics and are likely to buy your products
A type of marketing involving the cooperative efforts of a "for profit" business and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit
A subset of guerrilla marketing where consumers do not realize they are being marketed to

What is B2B marketing?
Blog to blog
Buyer to buyer
Business to buyer
Business to business

Bitly is a
content curation tool
URL shortener
social network
social media management tool

What is the character limit for a single Tweet?

Which metric can you track with Facebook Ads?
All of these
Campaign reach
Cost per Click
Number of times each person saw your ad

Which of the following can be used to tag images on the web, for SEO optimization?
Image Text
Visual Text
Alt Text

Which of the following provides a form of paid advertising?
Google AdWords
Google Analytics

What does SEO stand for?
Special Entry Offer
Search Engine Orientation
Superior E-marketing Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

means advertisers pay for every thousand displays of their message to potential customers
Fixed cost

Which of the following is considered permission marketing?
Opt-in email
Content marketing
Pop-up ads
Affiliate marketing

Which of these is an advantage of email marketing?
All of these
Educating your customers
Easily measuring the results of a marketing campaign
Delivering targeted content during each stage of the customer relationship lifecycle

What are the benefits of social media marketing?
All of these
Niche marketing opportunities
Low barriers to entry
Amplified audience reach

Blogging is best used for:
All of these
Building thought leadership
Creating a point of engagement with your customers
Nurturing leads

What does PPC stand for?
Pay Per Connection
Pay Per Contact
Pay Per Click
Pay Per Customer

What is Google Analytics used for?
Advertising Analytics
Conversion Analytics
Mobile Analytics
All of these

Which of these is a type of online marketing?
All of these
Affiliate marketing
Email marketing
Content marketing

Which of the following does NOT provide certified Twitter analytics?
Adobe Social

Google Analytics can be used to directly track performance of
Websites & Social Media
Mobile Apps & Websites
Mobile Apps
Social Media

ASO stands for
App Store Optimization
Aggregated Sales Optimization
Augmented Search Optimization
Automated Search Optimization
Augmented Sales Optimization

What is the maximum animation loop length when marketing on LinkedIn?
1 minute
no limit
30 seconds
10 seconds

What is the top tool used in inbound marketing campaigns?
Email Blasts
Affiliate Ads
Google Ad Words

What is the time limit for videos recorded on Instagram's video service?
15 seconds
6 seconds
30 seconds
10 seconds

Assisted Conversions Report in Google Analytics can be found under
Multi-Channel Funnels

What two halves make up the engagement metric?
Positive & negative engagement
Organic and inorganic engagement
Inbound and outbound engagement
Social and paid engagement


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