9 March 2015

Elance Google Adwords Test Question Answers

Here I am sharing Elance Google Adwords Test Question Answers for all students who are preparing for Google Adwords exam or want to clear Google Adwords interview all test question and answers related to Google Adwords 2015.

Can you use the same keywords in different ad groups?
No, never
Yes, always
No, except for phrases
Yes, except for the fist week of your campaign

What does CPM stand for?

How long can updates to your reporting take?
Up to 24 hours
Reporting is updated every hour
Up to 2 weeks
Reporting is updated instantly

What are the Adwords account access levels?
Administrative, Standard, Client, Email-only.
Manager, Standard, Read-only, Email-only.
Administrative, Manager, Read-only, Email-only.
Administrative, Standard, Read-only, Email-only.

If you have ads for two campaigns that share a keyword, and a search user types in the keyword, how many ads of yours will they see?
At most one; the keyword with the highest Ad rank will win.
At most one. Google will pick the highest CTR ad, unless you have turned on equal rotation.
None. Google disallows advertising on two websites with the same keywords.
Two. Google will allow an ad from each active campaign.
At least one; Google will randomly pick one of the ads that could be triggered from each campaign.

Which is the minimum requirement for using Conversion optimizer in your campaigns?
There is no minimum requirement
15 conversions in last 30 days
30 conversions in last 15 days

How do you exclude topics in contextual targeting?
There is no exclusion option
There is no contextual targeting
Uncheck the boxes for suggested keywords
Use the exclusions link in the topics tab or negatives

You will see an error message if you try to add keywords containing which symbol to your account?

How do you implement a broad match modifier?
By adding the term "broad match" to the keyword ad group
Broad Match is not a valid modifier
By putting a + directly in front of one or more words
By turning on the automatic bidding feature in the settings menu

What does it mean if your account is set to Manual Payments?
You must add money to your account before you receive ad activity
Your account can be used for payment with the Adwords API
Your ads will run on a deficit of funds until you refresh the account
You are billed after you accrue the costs of your account activity

Which of the following searches will not show your ad when you are using the phrase match keyword "guitar strings"?
Guitar strings sale
Buy guitar strings
Nylon guitar strings
Strings for guitar

What is the maximum number of characters in a Ad headline.

Which one of these is not a tab within a campaign tab?

Which of the following is not a valid geographical targeting option?
Targeting by city
Targeting a radius around a point on a map
Targeting streets along a map route
Targeting female english speakers

What do you use to navigate to different sections of your account?
A map
A command line
Tabs in the top
None of these

How are AdWords ranked?
By the quality of ads and the number of keywords
By the maximum cost per click
By the quality of ads and the maximum cost per click
By the quality of ads

Which setting is NOT available to choose when you create an ad?
Destination URL
A formatted image
Display URL
Description line 2

What is the maximum number of characters allowed in Ad headline?

What are "ideas"?
Reporting guidelines provided by Adwords
A group of help articles provided by Analytics superusers
Adwords provided ideas to potentially improve your ad performance
None of the above

What is the primary benefit of broad matched keywords?
It attracts less competition.
It attracts more traffic.
It's easier to organize keywords.
It makes it easy to create an ad group.

When you subscribe to Google AdWords, how does that affect natural Google search results?
Your company will appear at least ten times in natural search results
Your company no longer shows up in natural search results
There is no effect

What are managed placements?
Specific websites managed by Google.
Ad placements on specific sites on the Google Display Network chosen by the advertiser.
Website ad placements chosen by Google.
Websites managed by the advertiser.

Each campaign has a _________ budget.

Where can you find your Notification Settings?
My Account
Tools and Analysis

What are call extensions?
The protocol that installs a persistent cookie in the browser to track conversions
An ad feature that allows you to add a phone number to your text ad
The name you supply as a way to group keywords you want to track
The section of radial buttons in the settings menu

What is a cost per click?
The amount of money you spend to create your web site divided by the number of paying visitors
All of these
The amount of money you earn when someone purchases from your web site
The amount of money to pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your web site

What are excluded placements?
Places on the Internet you are not allowed to visit.
Websites or webpages where you don't want to run your ads.
Search queries not allowed on Google.
Websites not allowed by Google.

"Sign Up Now" is an example of a:
indirect offering
call to action
marketing imperative
customer recommendation

True or false? It is NOT possible to pause an individual text ad.

What are Adword's Managed Placements?
Ad placements on specific sites in the Display Network where you'd like your ads to appear
An ad feature that allows you to add a phone number to your text ad
The average position of where your ad is showing relative to other ads
The method of preceding your keyword with @ symbol to add variations

Can your ads be shown on iPhones?
Yes, always
No, but since 2013 that will be possible
Yes, but only in the US
No, never

Ad texts should be:
tedious and confusing
long and detailed
short and vague
simple and enticing

What is the Display Ad Builder?
A display builder tool that is not affiliated with Google
A tool within Google Adwords that allows you to create display ads
A tool that is only available to corporate accounts with an active MCC
A software that is available for downloading from Google for a fee

When does Google charge you for an ad?
Only when a sale is made through the ad
Every time a person clicks your ad
Every time your ad appears on a webpage
The service is completely free

What is the best tool to use to search keyword competition and search volume?
New Placement Tool.
Ads Preview Tool.
Insights for Search.
Keyword Planner


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