9 March 2015

Elance Twitter Marketing Test Question Answers

Here I am sharing Elance Twitter Marketing Test Question Answers 2015 for all students who are preparing for Google Twitter Marketing exam or want to clear Google Twitter Marketing interview all test question and answers related to Google Twitter Marketing 2015.

Which tend to have higher CTRs?
Weekday tweets
Weekend tweets

What is the name of Twitter's own video sharing plaftorm?
you tube

True or False: Your character count is used up with the characters in a username you RT?

What does Twitter's "Follower Growth" metric track?
How many new followers you get every day, week or month
How many users interact with your account
How many users go to your site
How many users sign up for your service or buy your product

What are the requirements to send a DM?
You and the other user have to both be following each other
You have to reply to their message
You can send anyone a DM

Twitter owns which social media management tool?

True or False: A smiling face is better for your profile picture?

Which of the following are considered spammy tactics?
following and unfollowing users to grow your follower count
(all of these)
pushing content

What is the character limit on Twitter?

Twitter offers the following promoted tweet targeting options:
interests in timeline and keywords in timeline
keywords in search and interests in timeline
keywords in timeline, keywords in search and interests in timeline
keywords in timeline and keywords in search

Which of the following is an important element of a successful Twitter ad?
all answers are correct
include a strong call to action
include a url
include hashtags

Who can you send a direct message to?
One of your followers
Any Twitter user in your geographic territory
Any Twitter user

How can your prospects events trigger a marketing opportunity for you?
You can RT their event, which will make them thankful for you
You cold email them
You send them a note about your products, since they are having momentum

What can you use TweetDeck for?
Following live trends and managing feeds with multiple accounts
To automatically send tweets for you
To automatically follow other users

A Twitter chat has a specific hashtag.

How did many people gain large followings?
By using auto-follow
By spamming hashtags
By taking a stance on a subject, and sending out quality information
By instant replys to all followers

True or False: The characters in a username you @ message is included in your total character count.

What helps early stage prospecting on Twitter?
Including photos in tweets
Linking to 3rd party websites
Using relevant hashtags
Tweeting from multiple accounts

To engage with your audience you need to:
Talk to them
Tell them about yourself
Converse with them

What Twitter service offers promotion on a cost-per-follower basis?
Promoted Accounts

What does CTR stand for?
Cost Through Retweets
Click Through Rate
Cost Time Revenue
Click To Register

What is a Twitter List?
A list of people who want to buy your product
A group or community of like minded users
A list of people you can DM

Where will promoted tweets show up for viewers you have targeted?
in a personal DM
in the connect tab
in the follow widget and connect tab
at the top of the home feed

What integrated mobile video app (with major marketing potential) was recently released by Twitter?

True or False: You should always include a link to your homepage, blog, or company website under your bio

What are Tweetups?
slang for the act of favoriting a tweet
virtual Twitter online dance parties
in-person meetups that attract fellow Twitter users

You should include _______ in your tweets to increase the amount of views it will receive
Your company name
Relevant Keywords
Your phone number
Your name

The following are strong methods for growing your follower base:
retweeting content
sharing your expertise
engaging people in conversations
all answers are correct

True or False? Tweets with hashtags get twice the engagement of those without.

True or False: You should follow competitors in your industry?

True or False? Tweets help SEO.

What does RT mean?
Real Tweet
Registered Tweet
Reputable Tweet

What was the original reason for Twitter constraining the number of characters per tweet?
No reason
Server capacity issues
The social network was meant to primarily be used via SMS
The first uses of Twitter were to spread haikus

An event organized for Twitter users to meet, socialize, and network is called a:
Real world tweeting

Are hashtags and key-words useful in Twitter bios?
Yes, if used in moderation.
Yes, if fully loaded.
No, they look professional
No, there is no effect

How should you deal with Trolls?
@ them
RT them
DM them
Ignore them

What does Twitter's CPE metric include?
impressions and clicks that occur after someone retweets the promoted tweet
direct impressions and clicks
clicks, replies, and follows that occur after someone retweets the Promoted Tweet

What does MT stand for?
modified tweet
maximum tweet
material tweet
mature tweet

How can you appear in a user's "Who to follow" section?
Promote your account
Donate to Twitter directly
Promote your Twitter #chats
Friend their Facebook account

What are Twitter chats?
in-person events that feature twitter influencers
open twitter conversations centered around a single hashtag
the name for a conversation between two people on twitter

What does Twitter's blue advertising follower meter display?
the estimated number of viewers your campaign might reach
the estimated number of people who will click on your ad
the estimated amount of money your ad will cost

What is a 'real life' gathering of a Twitter community called?
Meet n' Tweet
The Followship
Tweet Meet

Which of the following does not appear when someone views your profile on mobile?
background image
header image
profile photo

What does the term #FF refer to?
Friend Follow
First Follow
Free Follows
Follow Friday

True or False? "Hard Selling" works effectively on Twitter.

What can you use Seesmic for?
To manage multiple accounts over different devices
To automatically follow other users
To automatically send tweets for you

Which tend to have higher CTRs?
Morning tweets
Afternoon tweets

What is the advantage of leaving additional space at the end of your Tweet?
Shorter, simple tweets stay at the top of follower's feeds longer
It accommodates RTs
It keeps your account below the daily character limit
None, open space should be filled with hashtags

Which of the following is important for SEO?
including a header image
naming your profile photo
adding a background image

Which of the following are Twitter's advertising options?
promoted twitter chats and promoted tweets
targeted tweets to invidividual users and promoted accounts
promoted videos and promoted tweets
promoted tweets and promoted accounts

What is the best way to respond to negative feedback on Twitter?
Send the Tweet to customer relations and avoid public reaction
Publicly recognize the issue and then try to resolve it in private
Ignore the Tweet
Retweet the post so your other followers know you're aware of the issue

What is one of the best ways to connect with your audience?
Be genuine, ask questions and share answers
Post company information with each post
Hard selling your products

What is the @ symbol mean?
It is used for every tweet
It is never used
It is used to reference users in tweets

Where will promoted accounts appear?
connect tab, follow widget, DM inbox
who to follow widget and page, connect tab, people search results, similar to you widget
connect tab, top of the home feed, DM inbox
at the top of the home feed

Marketers can target based on all of the following EXCEPT:
Account age
Similarity to existing followers

The Twitter equivalent to a Backlink/Inbound link is a:
Sponsored Tweet
Profile page

The following can be used for targeting for promoted accounts:
geography, gender, and profile url
interest groups, profile url and people who retweeted a specific tweet
interest groups, people who are similar to specific usernames, geography and gender
people who retweeted a specific tweet

What days see the most Twitter traffic?
Monday & Wednesday
Monday & Friday
Tuesday & Thursday
Saturday & Sunday

What is the 'bread and butter' of the Buffer tool?
Facebook integration
Tweet scheduling
Blocking tweets
Identifying influential Twitter users

Statistically, when are your Tweets most likely to be Retweeted? (US - EST)
10:00 in the morning
5:00 in the evening
12:00 in the afternoon
9:00 in the morning

What does CPE stand for?

What does Twitter's "Reach" metric track?
How many followers an account has
How many users favorite or retweet your content
How far your tweets travel globally
How many user lists an account appears on

What percent of buyers will use social media in their purchase decision?

Statistically, what gender has a greater Twitter representation?

What is the advantage of adding a period at the beginning of a reply?
It privatizes your tweet so only the person you're replying to can read
It adds the person you're replying to to a list
It broadcasts your reply to your entire follower list
It sends the Tweet as a DM

What brand tweeted a creative ad immediately following the 2013 Super Bowl power outage?
Campbell's Chunky Soup

What is the # symbol used for?
It is used to reference a user
It is a hashtag, used for keywords or topics
It is never used

What Twitter feature can be added to your website to help your visitors share content and connect with you on Twitter?
Fail whale

When tweeting directly to someone beginning with their Twitter handle, who can see it?
The person you are tweeting to plus anyone that follows them
Only the person that you are tweeting to can see it
All your follower plus their follower
All your follower can see it

A solid reach to target with a Twitter advertising campaign is:
500 users
5,000 users
50,000 users

You should leave at least how many characters in your tweet, to leave space for a ReTweet?

True or False: Being consistent with what time of day and how often you tweet can benefit your account?

What Twitter service offers promotion on a flat rate sponsorship basis?

DM stands for Direct Message.

What is the maximum number of characters allowed in one tweet?

Where is the embed function located?
There is no embed function in Twitter, you must use a third party app.
In "user settings"
Within the 'more' Tweet action
Under the 'Me' tab

What are Twitter Cards?
A third party app allowing users to see more detailed information about their top followers, retweeters, and favoriters
A weekly contest to win profile and Tweet promotion
Profile badges that can be shared through other social media platforms
Embedded Tweets that include rich media experiences and link to your content

Ideally, how often should twitter chats be conducted?
3-5 times per week

What is the recommended marketing Tweet / content engagement Tweet ratio?
20% : 80%
75% : 25%
25% : 75%
50% : 50%

During a Twitter Campaign, what type of tweets can be "promoted"
New, organic tweets have to be created
Already published, organic tweets only

What feature allows you to feature a tweet at the top of your feed?
Brand Pages

What is a DM?
A Digital Mark, how you know your tweet was read
A Domain Manager, what you use to align feeds
A Direct Message, one that is private and sent from you to another user

How long can your bio be?
160 Characters
140 Characters
150 Characters
170 Characters

Which new advertising dashboard metric did Twitter roll out in March 2013?
earned media

Twitter charges for promoted tweets based on:
impressions, retweets, clicks and favorites
retweets and impressions
click on, retweet, @reply to, or favorite

All of these certified Twitter partners measure engagement EXCEPT:
Adobe Social

What are Twitter Alerts?
When a keyword comes up that you are looking for, Twitter alerts you
Emergency alerts that certain accounts can send by text message
When a user follows you back
When a user DMs you

Most marketers recommend you follow what ratio of marketing messages to regular tweets you send out?
1 marketing message for every 15 tweets
1 marketing message for every 10 tweets
1 marketing message for every 5 tweets
1 marketing message every other tweet

What Twitter service offers promotion on a cost-per-click basis?

What type of handle is often overlooked by Google's SEO algorithm?
Handles with profanity
Handles with lots of numbers
SEO loaded handles
Handles with repeating words

Twitter charges for promoted accounts based on:
targeted users who retweet a tweet from a promoted account
proomted account impressions
targeted users following a promoted account

Use _______ techniques to get your Tweets read

What does your Twitter conversion metric measure?
How many new followers you get every day, week or month
How many users interact with your account
How many users sign up for your service or buy your product
How many users go to your site

What does Twitter's "Traffic" metric track?
How many users favorite or retweet your content
How many users interact with your account
How many users go to your site
How many users sign up for your service or buy your product

What two US time zones make up 80% of the nation's Twitter traffic?
Eastern & Central
Pacific & Central
Trick question: the Eastern time zone makes up nearly 90% of US Twitter traffic
Eastern & Pacific

Links typically perform the best when placed how far into a tweet?

Tweets with images receive how much more engagement than tweets without images?

What is the practice of mentioning a popular figure's Twitter handle in hopes of a RT known as?
RT reel-in

What does Twitter's "Follower Quality and Engagement" metric track?
How many new followers you get every day, week or month
How many users interact with your account
How many users sign up for your service or buy your product
All of these

True or False: Your brand is defined by your users

True or False: Your character count is used up with the characters in a username you DM?


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