10 March 2015

Asp.net interview questions

Asp.net interview questions for freshers and experienced - We have share most common technical interview questions and interview online test on asp.net

1) Describe state management in ASP.NET.

2) Explain client side state management system.

3) Explain server side state management system.

4) Explain cookies with example.

5) Describe the disadvantage of cookies.

6) What is Session object?

7) What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Session?

8) Describe the Master Page.

9) How you can access the Properties and Controls of Master Pages from content pages?

10) What are the different method of navigation in ASP.NET?

11) What does the Orientation property do in a Menu control?

12) Differentiate between:

a.)Client-side and server-side validations in Web pages.

b.)Authentication and authorization.

13) Differentiate between:

a.)File-based dependency and key-based dependency.

b.) Globalization and localization.

14) Differentiate between a page theme and a global theme?

15) What are Web server controls in ASP.NET?

16) Differentiate between a HyperLink control and a LinkButton control.

17) What are Custom User Controls in ASP.NET?

18) What is Role-based security?

19) What are the HTML server controls in ASP.NET?

20) How would you create a permanent cookie?

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